Our team has the capabilities to service all types of systems from mining, heavy industrial, transport, mobile plant and equipment, earth moving and drilling – to mention just a few.

At Cava Hydraulics, we are the complete Hydraulic Solution for all your Fluid Power Systems

Sales and Service

Cava has access to all brands of hydraulic, filtration and lubrication equipment. We are authorised distributors Rexroth, Power Team, Pall Corporation and Vetter Rescue Products.

PY Hydraulics Australia

High Pressure, High Force Tools and Equipment

Electric, Gas/Petrol and Pneumatic Drive

Pall Corporation Australia

Vetter Rescue Products

We are also stockists of Pentrie Oils and agents for the following suppliers

Lubrication Specialists

We can supply, manufacture and upgrade all types of oil and grease Lubrication Systems for Grinding Mills Bearing Lube, Gearbox Lube, Roller Bearings Lube using many different heavy oil viscosities and types of grease.

Cylinder Manufacturer and Rebuild

From cylinder design to specialist material procurement, machining, assembly and testing, Cava manufacture and repair hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders for all funcitons. Cava will also recommend and implement improvments to existing customer cylinders, including the supply of hand made rod boots to protect the cylinder rods from damage due to the extreme environments we work in and with.

A case study:
One customer was experiencing weekly failures of multiple cylinders. These cylinders operate in a high temperature extreme environment. The cylinder design was reviewed and redesigned using the latest in high temp low friction seal materials, the installation of a bronze scraper on the wiper and a kevlar rod boot. The cylinders now last 2-3 months before requiring any maintenance.

Cava always reviews each cylider on a case-by-case basis.

Power Unit Manufacturer

We can supply and manufacture hydraulic power units of any size from a small DC Auxillary pump to a very large and complex system.

We are currently building a full Stainless Steel System and Enclosure for use with Water Glycol Fire Retardant Fulid. Water Glycol is used instead of Mineral Hydraulic Oil on systems that work in close proximity to very high heat and naked flames.

Filtration Specialists

At Cava we have proven our ability to provide the correct filtration solution on many different types of equipment by dealing with each individual application on a case by case basis. This requires the engineer physically visiting the site to review each application and then recommending the best course of action to the customer to achieve the results desired. Selecting the correct type of filtration is critical in reducing downtime and extending the normal working life of the equipment and thus presenting a huge cost saving to the customer.

The correct filter for a system is in fact cheap maintenance

If the system is working well with the correct filter it should not block readily. If a system with the correct filter blocks, it is in fact an early warning sign that something is wrong and could be about to fail. In conjunction with regular oil ananlisys the correct filtration will greatly improve machinery reliability and extend the working life of the comonents in the system be it hydraulic or lubrication system.

One of our recent filtration upgrades was on a large Sag Mill high pressure bearing lube system. This produced results well beyond expectation with ISO 4406 results of 15/13/10 – Now that is clean for a Mill bearing lube system. Another of our recent filtration upgrades was on a Large Ball Mill gearbox lube system, this produced brilliant results with ISO 4406 results also of 15/13/10 – That is a brilliant for a gearbox.